brussels personal shopper


I am Iwana, a fashion consultant for individuals and fashion brands.

In both cases I wanted to create a link between the fashion industry and the customers. Making fashion more accessible and easy to understand is my daily goal.

The main part of my work is based on body shape analysis. As a fashion designer I realised that not all the garments existing on the market were made to suit every body shapes’ type, it’s impossible! But how are we supposed to know which one to chose?

My work is to answer that question, either for private customers or for big brands. In a way or another, the consumers need to know what to look for and the brands need to have sailors able to really helps customers find the answer. It’s important to trust that once we change our relationship to the fashion industry we can really see fashion as a playground full of colors and textures and as a tool to express ourselves and represent our personality.

The concept of Brussels Personal Shopper is the ultimate sharing of fashion knowledge.

The blog platform where you can discover new designers for belgium and elsewhere.

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