Why I am a personal shopper

October 10, 2017 4:01

Hi fashion lovers,

Today I decided to give you a more personal perspective on my work. I feel like it’s been a while since I wanted to talk about this.
Usually, my blog is made to provide easy advice for daily outfits but I feel like it’s important to also explain why I am doing this job and why I decided to dedicate my time to help others feel good in their own skin. Because really, that’s all that matters.

For as long as I remember, I always wanted to work in fashion. First as a fashion designer and later as a fashion adviser.
I studied fashion design here in Brussels at the Francisco Ferrer school. While I was finishing my last year of studies, I realized that fashion was indeed amazing and playful but in the same time SO inaccessible!
I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities. There are so many cuts, fabrics, and colors. Sometimes it could be hard to know where to start! There is so much to learn about these 3 things and that is so fascinating and playful. I was super excited to be a part of this new fashion world.

Meanwhile, around me, in the real world, people were frustrated with their own body and style, being completely lost.

How many of you have a friend who tries to hide him or herself in clothing that is way too big?
How many of you dream to be more stylish and have no clue on how to achieve it and end up wearing over and over the same things?
How many of you buy expensive items and never wear them because you don’t know when or with what to wear them?
How many of you have a wardrobe full of items and still feel like you have nothing to wear?
How many of you can say proudly: I love my body. All of it?

I think many of you can relate to these questions. Fashion is becoming for a lot of people something stressful and sometimes annoying. In fact, a lot of my clients dislike doing shopping and have a lot of self-confidence issues due to body pressure that society put on them. They feel bad about their own body.

Indeed, we live in a world where we feel so much pressure on ourselves. Every day we are massively exposed to social media, magazines or tv-shows, they urge us to be more stylish, skinny, athletic, wear heels, wear makeup…

This is all wrong. We don’t live in a photoshopped world and we are all different and unique and beautiful in our own ways.

That’s why my mission is so important. I want to bring self-love, body acceptance and self-confidence to those who feel the need to.
So by now, I think you guessed it, there is no need on trying to be on top of the lasted trends. What is really important is to find a way to use fashion to your own advantage. Finding a way to express yourself and feel unique and beautiful in your own way. That’s the real purpose of fashion. That’s my mission.

“I am a personal shopper because I want to make people’s lives better. Because I want you to love yourself and feel amazing and mostly because I value difference. Your body is perfect just the way it is, all you need is to understand your shape and find your own style.
I am here for that. Don’t you worry”

If you ever need me, don’t be shy, send me a message:
Call me: 0497.20.42.11

Helping you feeling fabulous is my mission and I always do it with a smiley face and great pleasure!


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Why I am a personal shopper