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3 looks for Valentine’s day – Free ebook

Hi fashion lovers, Valentine’s day is always a special date whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself taking some extra time to feel fabulous for a day. Together with the photographer Marta Hurtado, we developed a guide on how to dress for the occasion. Valentine’s day is… View Article


Why I am a personal shopper

“I am a personal shopper because I want to make people’s lives better. Because I want you to love yourself and feel amazing and mostly because I value difference. Your body is perfect just the way it is, all you need is to understand your shape and find your own style. I am here for that. Don’t you worry”

Ma sélection de Saint Valentin pour Lui

Lundi c’était les idées pour Elle, donc maintenant voici notre sélection d’idées cadeaux de Saint Valentin pour Lui ! (oui nous savons que vous êtes à la bourre et que vous avez besoins d’inspiration ! Et puis surtout moi aussi… )