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3 looks for Valentine’s day – Free ebook

Hi fashion lovers, Valentine’s day is always a special date whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself taking some extra time to feel fabulous for a day. Together with the photographer Marta Hurtado, we developed a guide on how to dress for the occasion. Valentine’s day is… View Article

What your jeans do not tell you – Part 2

Welcome today in the second part of this article : I’ll present the jeans in all its glory!

My Blue Jeans de Nîmes – Part 1

Retrouvez la version Française de mon article sur le site de Mode In Belgium ! It has many names, many looks and many colors, but although we love it raw or destroyed the jeans is on the hit list of our favorites items! Emblem of the XXI century it proudly hangs in our wardrobes, but… View Article


Ma collab’ avec Vaya Sigmas – Photographe de mode

Le travail de Vaya Sigmas est emprunt d’un univers mode épuré ou le clair/obscure trouve une place subtile et sophistiquée. Le style de cette jeune photographe pleine de talent m’as tout de suite plu ! J’ai été honorée et ravie par sa proposition de collaborer ensemble sur différents shoots.            … View Article