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Make your customers feeling beautifull & 
happy to wear your clothes, that’s my mission.


Today when you enter in a store you want to feel welcome, to be well treated and advised. You expect to receive a high quality moment in your favorite store.

To do that and increase the service that you are offering to your consumers, you need to add a little something to make the difference.

This is the oriented selling strategy. Imagine yourself entering in your shop and asking for some advices, how cool would it be to try some clothes and to realize that everything is suiting you perfectly. That you feel immediately happy with the items you have tried on. Then it’s easier for you to do shopping because it’s quicker and you can trust the advices of you seller. This is the oriented selling strategy : your team will be trained to understand how human morphology works and also they will know how to highlight every body shapes.

Every season they will receive an upgrade of the collection. They will receive looks of mix and matches of the collection and so their work will be easier and more efficient. The customers will also be happy and so it’s a Win/Win !

Be the next shop with personalized skills, know better your consumers, serve them with style, increase your standarts!

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What we did for other companies

Levis Brussels Personal Shopper

The idea of this workshop was to give a new selling perpective and a new marketing strategy to the seller departement. In two days I have met all the store managers of Europe to train them…

Inno Brussels Personal Shopper

To celebrate fashion they decide to organize a fashion week in the shop. It was including ceveral event’s in the shop and I get to helps them for two of these events.