3 looks for Valentine’s day – Free ebook

janvier 1, 2018 5:07

Hi fashion lovers,

Valentine’s day is always a special date whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself taking some extra time to feel fabulous for a day.

Together with the photographer Marta Hurtado, we developed a guide on how to dress for the occasion.
Valentine’s day is indeed a special day but it’s not necessarily easy to make it fit into our busy schedules. Many of you are telling me that it’s hard to create this extra special outfit both feminine and sexy without overdoing it.
Don’t worry we got you covered!
In our ebook (you can download it down below), we presented 3 different looks allowing you to articulate them differently from day to evening.
But we also created a more dressed up look for those who fancy a more elegant outfit.

As I like to say: love yourself first, it is so easy to forget it and yet so essential to our lives. Celebrating your amazing self for a day is an excellent and healthy activity :)

Personally, I like to look effortlessly put together. Creating a casual/chic outfit is more likely something I would do. I would say that the key is to look like your usual self with a little extra something that makes you feel really comfortable and sexy.
Make this day your own and celebrate your beauty, love yourself and spread joy and kindness all around you :)
Do it for you first.

Download the ebook here.

Discover our live chat about the ebook and valentines day here.

I hope you will enjoy our ebook just as much as we enjoyed making it!

If you want to know more about Marta and her work :

Website: martahurtado.com  |  Facebook: Marta Hurtado Photography

Google +: Marta Hurtado Photography  |  Pinterest: pinterest.com/hurtadomarta/

Instagram: instagram.com/martahurtadophotography

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3 looks for Valentine’s day – Free ebook

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