My Blue Jeans de Nîmes – Part 1

février 2, 2015 11:00

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It has many names, many looks and many colors, but although we love it raw or destroyed the jeans is on the hit list of our favorites items!

Emblem of the XXI century it proudly hangs in our wardrobes, but have you ever wondered how it had come there?
How this piece once designed for the working class has become a part of our every day look in all the streets around the world?

The origin of blue jeans and denim

Some may ask, and rightly, if the name « denim » is not a synonym for « jeans ».
Although the difference between the two is not obvious, there is a difference between the two terms beginning with the geographical origin.

Indeed Denim is native to southern France and crafted in the sixteenth century in the town of Nimes. Of course at the time his ancestor was called « Serge de Nimes », originally made of silk and wool. Over time it has made more and more of cotton and that’s how the Denim was born.

The Jeans already existed in England since the Middle Ages, over time it has undergone several fabric types of scales and the denim became one of them.
What marks the difference from the jeans to the denim is its thickness and its rougher texture.
That’s why the trousers that we are currently calling “jeans” are made today in denim since it is more comfortable.

Regarding the famous « Blue Jeans » it originated in the US when in 1883 Levi Strauss arrived in San Francisco during the gold rush. To facilitate his work, he manufactured some trousers made from sailboat fabric, a material resistant to all hardships.
The other golds researchers were directly taken with the idea and Strauss embarked on the production of he’s ultra-resistant pants! To increase their strength he strengthens the pockets with copper rivets and stitched the seam with drawstring orange wire that will eventually become the identity of the brand.
The brown canvas sailboat will subsequently be replaced by blue denim (and yes there it is THE historical moment you were looking for!).

In Europe, it was not until World War II that the jeans make’s his big entrance. It was part of the American soldiers basic equipment and it is with them that they made themselves known.

And girls?
It was only in 1935 that the model for woman arrives on the market, it will be called the « lady levis » and will not become trendy until the 60’s!

It is then that the stars began to wear the jeans, including the iconic Marilyn Monroe.
And this is how, little by little the jeans became an icon of freedom, accessible to all.

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