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Eda Brussels Personal Shopper


The dress for my engagement party was perfect :) thank you! I loved the experience and got so many compliments! From now on it’s easier to choose my daily outfits, the color card really helps! And you can definitely share my photo on your blog :) you are awesome! Thank you Iwana!

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Eda’s daily look is rather confy and sporty as she is a yoga teacher but she had difficulties to break away with it when going to work. As many young adults she used to wear her student look : jeans & sneakers, but she wanted a more feminine and adult one suited to her age.

But we had another challenge : find the perfect outfit for Eda’s engagement evening.

There were thus 2 objectives :

1) Find a casual chic look, more woman like and adult for Eda while maintaining comfy clothes.

2) Find the perfect outfit for Eda’s big day

How did we work?

It was important to do an in depth work so that Eda could feel more feminine daily and find an outfit for her engagement evening.

Therefore we worked in 2 steps :

1) The morphology and color analysis

When she works, Eda needs a sporty outfit so that she can give her yoga class. Comfort is her number one priority when it comes to get dressed.

But she couldn’t find a look together feminine and comfy during her free time and when she goes out with friends

The solution was then to find a compromise between comfort and feminity.

It was important to begin with Eda’s morphology analysis to find out what clothes cuts to choose and harmonize her shapes for enhancing her.

Then, we determined her customized color palette to round off our first analysis. This was going to be very useful daily but also for finding the perfect dress for her engagement evening.

The morphology

Eda always privileged a wide and comfy look because she likes to feel at ease in her clothes. But that look used to squeeze her silhouette and hide her shapes. Thanks to the morphology analysis she could learn how her body works and how to show it off.

She also got an ebook listing all the criterias to dress her morphology easily.

The color

Eda loved warm colors, all her jewels were gold and she was used to wear khaki and burgundy but she wasn’t sure that those colors could really show her off.

The color analysis considers the colors reactions on the skin. This allows to choose the clothes but also the jewels, the makeup or the haircut more wisely.

In Eda’s case, cold tones were the ones that best fitted her skin color. It was thus opposite to her habits. Thanks to this analysis, Eda discovered a new way to wear her favorite colors in harmony with cold tones to flatter her skin color. This completely changes her way of choosing makeup and jewels. She got her customized color palette in pocket-size : this tool can be taken everywhere with you during your shopping so that it helps you choose directly the right colors.

Thanks to this step she could understand how her morphology works, what fits her and what colors to choose to fit with her skin color.

We were then ready for the next step : the shopping!

2) The two hours shopping

Eda is an American who came in Belgium for the holydays and she wanted to discover new shops.

We had thus two objectives for this shopping :

1) Find Eda’s outfit for her engagement evening

2) Find items to complete Eda’s outfits and make her more feminine

For the dress, we did semi custom-made. Eda’s dress was initially long with tightened sleeves on the wrists. To make that dress unique we decided to shorten it on the front and loosen the sleeves for a more modern and very feminin result.

For Eda’s casual chic look we focused on basics as she didn’t had any and it was important to start with good foundation so that we could expand her new look.

To flatter her silhouette and show off her legs we bought two high waisted skinny.

As she wanted to keep a certain comfort we found an interessting compromise for her look : leather sneakers. More dressy than canvas runners, Eda’s ones had a glitter detail on the back of the shoes for a more urban look.

Finally, the ultimate basic Eda missed was a blazer to structure her look.

Her shopping places were based on her budget, her lifestyle and her needs.

The Result

Eda is now very happy as she changed her look ! She finally found a look that looks like her and is together feminin and comfy. Today she feels more a woman and good about herself!

She enjoys gaining time in front of her dressing as she is now able to create a flattering look for her silhouette.

Regarding her engagement evening, she was thrilled to have a unique outfit for that occasion and that show her off and looked like her.

eddy krzeptowski brussels personal shopper

Eddy K

I was really happy to see that Iwana do not fierce huge shopping challenges like the one I asked for : 2 hours shopping in only one store and with a budget of 280€ to find some cool new items for the next season. And that’s exactly what we did ! I am more than happy with my experience and I will redo it for the next sales ! Thanks a lot Iwana !


Eddy only go shopping twice at year for the sales. And what he loves about it is to be really efficient. He asked to go in his favorite store to find all he needed in 2 hours. Sins he is a musician the items needed to be good for the stage and matching with his musical style : Jazz Manouche

For 280€ we found :

– 3 shirts

– 2 paints

– 1 sweater

– 1 tie

aleyda solis brussels personal shopper


I had the most fantastic clothing analysis and shopping experience with Iwana ! With her advise now I understand what fits me well and why, from colors to shapes, since she have studied fashion, she can not only recommend you based on her own experience but she deeply understands of how it works. I highly recommend BPS if you want to make the most out of your clothing!

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Aleyda often needs to give some speeches ahead of a huge audience. She really wanted to find nice items for her public speeches wich were not only suit material. Something both feminin and classy.

To do that we first made a body shape & colors analysis. Thanks to this step she could really understand fully how her body shape works, what fits her and also wich colors to choose to match with her skintone.

Then we went to give a quick look to Aleyda’s closet. Together and based from the body shape and color sheme we started to reorganize her wardrobe, giving a huge importance to keep only the best items wich where responding to all the criterias we needed !

We also found new ways to wear some items. Indeed Aleyda had some items that she loved but never wore because she didn’t know how to.

After having defined what we needed to keep, throw and buy in the wardrobe , we went out for a 2 hours shopping session.

Our goal was to find new tops in her color sheme palette + a new pair of jeans.

Her shopping places were based on her budget, lifestyle & needs.